What's the Story (Morning Glory)?

For minimalists and wrist party animals, excess fashion lovers and non-jewelry types, pattern clashers and ninjas – there’s a beat for every spirit.

STRIPE AND BEAT was born on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus as a collection of easy going, wearable, never-take-it-off simple but empowering jewelry. Stripy beach umbrellas and mad blooms, turquoise waters and crushed velvet of the sunset sky – it's all here, in bracelets' colorways and necklaces' flowyness.

Life is beat. Stripes and waves of different shades and feels are patterns and fabric of being and thought. Love your stripes whatever they remind you of. Add a stripe – up your beat.

It started with a bracelet...

We see our wrists all the time when we do things, wash our hands, stroke our loved ones and pets, type, read, put clothes and make-up on, eat... – countless times – you name it. So let’s make each time really count.

Put on a little color (or a lot), add a pattern, turn on the beat, enjoy calming blues or find strength in uplifting reds. A little but meaningful detail such as a bracelet can set the tone, change a mood, or remind you of something important. STRIPE AND BEAT is happy to help you with that.

Let's enjoy color more!