Upcycle, make fashion circular with STRIPE+BEAT, and GET A DISCOUNT

And how exactly?

Well, one way to make jewellery in a more meaningful and sustainable way is to upcycle old or unwanted materials. Simply put: we take existing materials and repurpose them into something new and beautiful. This is a great way not only to reduce waste and create unique pieces, but also to connect to the history of fashion and craft, and extend the values and ideas of the makers active before us.

If you're interested in contributing to sustainable fashion, you can take part in the circular jewellery making. You may now donate your old or unwanted beads and jewellery, which will be rethought, repurposed and given a second chance to become unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to be worn and cherished. As a thank you for your effort and contribution, you'll receive a 20% discount and free shipping on your next purchase at STRIPE+BEAT.

How to participate

Drop a line at hello@stripeandbeat.com with photos and a short story of your piece (subject line: UPCYCLE). Preferred materials are glass, wood, stones, ceramics. If you have any fabrics which are of no use to you, we will be happy to consider them too!

Once it’s processed and approved, you will receive the shipping instructions. As soon as your piece reaches the studio and gets inspected, you will receive a discount code.

Thank you