The Indian Summer Project

Celebrate Indian Summer mindfully with STRIPE+BEAT.

We all love these warm days in Autumn, that give Summer a second chance, don’t we? Just like Indian Summer – coming when we are ready to part with the hot past – there can be a second chance for anything in our lives…

This theme gave me a cue for a special project translated into a one of a kind bracelet. A fun Summer-esque bracelet made largely of, well, unwanted things. Beads I inherited and collected over the years, parts of bijou became unfashionable too soon, faulty semiprecious stones (by shape or drill mostly, which often makes their uniqueness even more appealing), things I find on the street (don’t ask, but beads and bling find me in all the different places: streets, beach, planes, pockets of thrifted garments – you name it), and shells I bring from all over the world (this special batch is powered by Mediterranean, Andaman, and North seas).

As STRIPE+BEAT was initially intended to be a collection of meaningful wearable items, this particular project is just another follow-up of this concept. It is a tool of remembrance. A reminder to pause and ask oneself: do I need it (does it need me)? how long will I enjoy it? how can it live longer and happier? ...Not just things, but also people, situations, relationships. Because everything is interconnected in our world. Alas, we tend to forget the simplest (read: the most important) things, so let’s remind ourselves and never waste a beat.

Get your Indian Summer Bracelet or Necklace to support zero waste jewelry movement.

P.S.: if you have unwanted beads, chains or fabrics even – bring them in for a new conscious jewelry project! I can also passionately convert your old or broken beaded jewelry into new contemporary items. Everything deserves a second chance.
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