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Joy Shop Upcycled Necklace

Joy Shop Upcycled Necklace

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Each December I explore the theme of Christmas tree decoration traditions. The JOY SHOP Jewellery Collection is the reminiscence of the magical family memories from my childhood. All that baubles, vintage ornaments with chipping paint, shimmering garlands, colourful little light bulbs, cones and icicles, makeshift ornaments made by different generations and kept lovingly. In my mind I return there when I design these annual pieces and try to share that feeling of wonder through my work. I believe that everyone should have such moments in the archives of their souls, and would be happy if this jewellery could spark those warm images once again.

These necklaces are upcycled from vintage glass and copper beads, finished with galvanized gold Japanese beads and stainless steel clasps. Only 4 available. Each one unique.

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